Colebrooke Watching Ciara

Colebrooke Watching Ciara

Born : 01.12.2010
MHAA : 359
AMHA : 0185771
Colour : Brown

Sire : Watching Royalty
Dam : Oz HiCountry First Noell


Ciara’s Sire Watching Royalty is the 2013 Supreme Champion Morgan at the Australian National Morgan Show. Ciara’s Dam, Oz HiCountry First Noell has the lovliest, quietest nature anyone could hope for, an attribute Ciara has without measure. She is a delight to have around, loves everybody, is super intelligent. 
June 2013 Ciara has been put under saddle with very light duties, and has responded beautifully. She has a smooth, comfortable canter and a lovely extended trot. Also having a playful habit of wanting to do an exaggerated “jump” over small obstacles, she delights in opening feed containers, gates, turning on car blinkers etc….basically the cutest trouble with a capital “T”, but so willing to please, quick to respond and eager to take everything in her stride. Ciara has a most endearing nature, she is a real sweetheart and a delightful mate.
2016...Ciara has proven to be a very intelligent and rewarding mustering mount. She is very light, sensitive and highly responsive to her rider and moves over herself with amazing agility. She is delightful in her work ethic, attitude and effort and highly rewarding to teach and ride.

Update 08.09.17

Miss Ciara continues in her zeal for learning. She is a very very clever mare. She has become one of John's strongest  and most rewarding workhorses.